Decluttering 101


Do you ever feel discouraged or overwhelmed with your home? Stuff everywhere, things piling up and no idea where to start?

Me too.

So a long time ago I made a change. I slowly began to declutter and let go of things. It wasn’t easy at first, but eventually it became addicting. I felt this giant weight lifted off my shoulders and organization became something I LOVED rather than loathed.

I used organization (and still do) as a way to help me destress and focus. This is also the first step in designing and creating a space you love.

Designing your dream space has to begin with a clean, decluttered room so you can easily visualize how you really want to see your space functioning for you. Once you conquer that part, the rest can be a series of additional simple fixes to make it your own (more on those to come!)

BUT you have to do this step first.

So let’s talk: Decluttering and Organizing!

Once you’ve reviewed my guide (attached below), here are some simple steps you can take to start the process:

PART 1- The Simple Decluttering Process:

  1. Choose a space. Let’s start with a drawer. Choose a drawer you wish to organize and over the course of a few weeks, take note of what items are rarely used in the drawer. You may be able to determine this immediately, but if not, keep a mental note of things you rarely ever reach for.
  2. Remove any garbage, junk or broken items and discard. Remove everything else from the drawer. You need the space completely cleared in order to properly organize.
  3. Clean out the drawer with a vacuum or cloth to ensure you’re working with a clean space.
  4. Determine organization tools. These can be bins, or things to help you properly set up the space and keep like items together.
  5. Evaluate the items you removed from the drawer. Group like items together, re-home items that don’t belong in the drawer, and purge excess items (you don’t need 6 highlighters in one drawer do you?!) Truly look at what you have left and ask yourself the following questions:

Do I REALLY use this item?

If yes, how often?

Do I plan to use this in the next month?

This part is critical, as it will help you determine how much you are putting back into your space.

The key to the success of this space is to constantly be re-evaluating and thinking about what you put into this space. The more frequently you take a quick check of the space and ensure things are where they need to be, the less often you’ll need to be re-organizing.

You can save my guide HERE for future reference!

Or Screenshot it here:

NEXT UP: Decluttering part 2!

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