I'm Melissa: lover of bright & timeless interiors that don't cost a fortune!

I'm here to show YOU how you can achieve that!

Through step-by-step tutorials, detailed blog posts and real-time in-progress videos, I share what we've learnt through our home transformation journey so you can start yours!

After graduating with a degree in Communications and Business, I strived to find an outlet for my creative side. It was years before I discovered my love for design, upon moving into our first home. While facing a challenging time in our personal lives, my husband and I turned to home & DIY projects as a distraction. We were 100% self taught and have learnt a LOT along the way...one project at a time. That hobby turned into a passion project for us both and I am thrilled to have turned that passion into a way to help others create spaces they love and are proud of. The journey to creating your dream spaces takes time...it should bring you joy and I aim to help you achieve that within any budget on a realistic timeline. I'm so happy you've joined me along the way!

My Story:

Fun Facts


Organizing is one of my favourite hobbies-I find it relaxing and a great way to relieve stress!


Nothing tops good chip wagon fresh cut fries


I have a background in Communications, HR and Career Development


I had never picked up a tool until we moved into our current house 12 years ago

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