Office Space Update


Over the past year, we decided that with the kids being home a lot more for virtual learning and with me working from home, that we needed an updated office space.

The space needed to accommodate at least 3 people, have a good deal of storage and still fit our design style.

We looked around and found that large desks either tended to be very expensive, not the right size for our space or not our style, so we decided to make our own!

We went to Ikea and looked at their desk tops, but didn’t really find one we loved. Then we went into the kitchen area and found a wooden kitchen countertop for a great price. The best part about it is that their countertops are sealed so if your kids are colouring or doing crafts, everything wipes right off! You can cut them down to fit your space and they are already stained and the edges are finished, which makes them ready to go! Best part is that they are fairly affordable!

It’s an easy and affordable way to create a custom office space on a budget!



Side table 


Ikea lerberg legs 

Drawer unit 

Storage cabinet 




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