Nursery Room Reveal!


This room huge work in progress over the past 8 months and I am so excited to finally share this space with you all. 

This‎ room‎ is‎ very‎ special‎ to‎ me‎ for‎ a‎ lot‎ of‎ reasons:‎ it’s‎ been‎ a‎ space‎ where‎ I’ve‎ dreamed,‎ loved,‎ lost‎ and‎ felt‎ everything‎ in‎ between.‎ A‎ space‎ where‎ I‎ changed‎ as‎ a‎ person‎ and‎ raised‎ our‎ precious‎ babies.‎ For‎ me,‎ this‎ room‎ isn’t‎ just‎ a‎ room‎…I‎ want‎ it‎ to‎ be‎ special ????

⁣For‎ our‎ oldest‎ 2‎ boys‎ I‎ designed‎ the‎ space‎ around‎ each‎ of‎ them,‎ but‎ it‎ was‎ different‎ with‎ our‎ third.‎

⁣When‎ I‎ was‎ pregnant‎ it‎ was‎ a‎ very‎ difficult‎ time‎ for‎ me‎ both‎ physically‎ and‎ mentally.‎ While‎ I‎ was‎ pregnant,‎ I‎ didn’t‎ have‎ it in my‎ heart‎ to‎ update‎ his‎ room.‎ ⁣I‎ know‎ he‎ wouldn’t‎ know‎ any‎ different,‎ but‎ I‎ did.‎ It‎ was‎ important‎ to‎ me‎ to‎ make‎ the‎ space‎ his‎ and‎ so‎ last‎ Fall‎ I‎ finally‎ felt‎ ready‎ to‎ do‎ that.‎ ????

We DIY’d countless projects in this space, including the:

  • Board & batten wall
  • DIY pinch pleat IKEA curtains (I have a reel on my IG page sharing how simple it is to do this!)
  • Updated the side table with fabric
  • DIY IKEA mirror upgrade (again, I have a reel on my IG page sharing how easy it is to do this!)
  • Updated the knobs on the dresser
  • Painted the walls and closet doors
  • Installed reclaimed wood shelves
  • Switched out the furniture and various other projects

Sharing all the links for everything in this space below!


Floor lamp: HomeSense Canada
Lumbar pillow



Faux olive tree


Blanket: HomeSense Canada

Book shelf



Curtains: H&M Home
Brass curtain rod & clips


Side table: Target (old)

Wooden name sign: Timberwood Designs



Wooden rocking horse: Vintage
Wooden rainbow
Seagrass basket
Shelving: DIY- reclaimed wood
Video baby monitor



Sheepskin rugs:

Vase: IKEA
Faux Olive branches:
Wall hook: H&M Home
Floor basket: H&M Home


Dresser lamp:
Dresser knobs:
Changing pad:


Ceiling lamp: HomeSense Canada

Mat on rug: 

Paint colours:
Walls- Simply White (Benjamin Moore)
Closet- Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore)


If I missed anything just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!


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