Part 3- Capsules for Kids


Part 3- Capsules for Kids!

Hi friends,

The last part in this series is creating a capsule for your kids. I know creating a capsule for yourself can be a big enough challenge, but once you’ve got that down, creating one for your kids is pretty simple! Kids can either be super picky or not care, and regardless of which they are, creating a capsule is super easy to do.

1. First step is to clean out and purge your child’s wardrobe.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is damaged, stained or that they wont wear (don’t like). If your child is older they may want to help in this process, and that’s great.

Once you’ve created your pile of items you no longer want, divide it the same way you did with your own wardrobe. Create 3 piles, sell, donate and toss. Depending on the ages of your children some of these items might be barely worn and in great condition and those are your re-sell. Other items can be donated or tossed (if damaged or stained, etc).

2. Review your preferences

I find the easiest way to create a capsule for kids is to start with a colour palette and to focus on function. For our kids, they prefer clothes that are comfortable, easy to get on and that they can move in. In regards to colour and style, they don’t really have many preferences (yet!) so that allows me to easily create their capsule. In terms of needs, we need school clothes, play clothes, and a few dressy items. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need more than one type of clothing or another so evaluate this and figure out how often you need dress clothes v.s play clothes, etc.

3. Make a list of brands

I have certain brands I prefer, based on price, style and durability. I tend to look for those brands when buying second hand as well as new. Since I know those clothes fit my children well and work for us, I tend to buy less, because I know they will last. When it comes to the play clothes, I will always buy used as I don’t really want to spend a lot on something that will likely get ripped or stained.

I have 3 main brands I prefer and then a few small shops that I also love along with a few consignment shops I prefer. Choosing brands is completely a personal preference. I don’t think you should pick a brand you like based on cost, it should be based on what fits your child well, what style you prefer and how durable it is.

4. Make an exception (or 2)

My kids don’t tend to care much at this age about what they wear. My oldest really only cares about the clothing being soft and comfy so that allows me the freedom to create their colour palettes for them. I do have a few exceptions though. I allow them to pick anything they want when it comes to pyjama’s, socks and underwear. Since I don’t really care if these items match or not, they get the choice to pick what they want and it doesn’t matter if it fits in with the capsule or not. If you have a child that is very particular with their clothing, and you still want to be able to create a capsule with them, work with them to create the colour palette- you pick a few colours, they pick 2, OR give them some items that they can choose freely (pyjamas, shoes, socks, etc).

5. Pick what works for you and your child

I occasionally have people ask me if my kids get bored of the clothing I pick or why I always dress them in the same things. Honestly, its because 1. We like it (both the kids and I) 2. It works well for keeping a capsule 3. Its cost effective. 4. They usually look put together and clean 5. It makes it super easy for both them and us to pick an outfit quickly and easily that we can all agree on. One day it will change (I remember when my brother went through a phase of red hair and baggy pants!), but until then, this method works for us. We never have issues getting dressed or ready in the mornings, we all match and we all like how we dress. So do what works for YOU. Not what others think you should do!

6. Figure out what items you need

Every year, a few months before the next season I take inventory of what we have and what we need. I usually try to stick to a certain number of bottoms for each kid and tops. I watch out for sales on the brands I love and buy as soon as I see them. One of my favourite brands just had a huge sale a few months ago, so I bought a lot of what my kids needed for summer at that time. Anything I wasn’t able to get there, I’ll find at the other brands I prefer and I’ll fill in the gaps with second hand and consignment shopping.

I feel that one of the key tips to creating a capsule for your children is to be aware of what they enjoy wearing and what fits them best. Each child is so different and you might find that although a sweater looks fantastic on the hanger or on another child,  it doesn’t fit your child well or they didn’t like wearing it. Every time we change seasons I go through my kids clothing and make note of what they wear the most. Those are the items I’ll buy again and again. If they didn’t wear it, I’ll sell or donate it and make a mental note as to why.

I hope this helps you in creating your own capsule for your children. One of the biggest benefits in doing this is that it will save you time and money in the long run, and who doesn’t like that!



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