DIY Holiday Mantle Garland


For the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed adding a holiday garland to our mantle- it makes the space feel so cozy at night- I love turning on the fireplace and sitting with a warm beverage to enjoy it!

Here’s how you can create your own holiday mantle. Don’t let social media convince you that you need to do ALL THE THINGS. Do what you love and what makes YOU happy! ❤️

IF you’re wanting to add that bit of pizzazz to your mantle, here’s how to do it in a few simple steps without spending a lot!

1️⃣ Layer 3 garlands. ANY garlands will do, to get a fuller look. For this look I used various different garlands. I added in a few loose pieces from a Home Depot garland as well. The one garland from was pre-lit so it added that extra bit of sparkle.

2️⃣ Add lighting. If your garland isn’t pre-lit, add candles and/or a string of mini lights! I added 1 extra strand for a bit of extra sparkle. This is the affordable string of lights I used.

3️⃣ Hang your stockings. We actually swap our stockings for our handmade ones on Dec 24th for Santa to fill! Since they are a little heavy, we hang these light ones until then! These stockings are from a shop on IG called The Blanket Thief and they are a gorgeous linen. I chose the checkerboard patter and the olive green. Adding an ornament or a bell with your stocking helps personalize it and adds some interest! The bells on these stockings are from Amazon They are all handmade and absolutely beautiful as well!

TIP: fill your stockings with plastic bags until they are filled with gifts so they hang nicer!

TIP If you don’t have stocking hangers use gold Command Hooks! They sell gold and silver decorative ones!

That’s it! Now relax. Grab a beverage of choice, sit down and enjoy what you’ve created. We’re almost there friends! ❤️


Fairy lights


Bells on stockings

Leather stocking tags


Stocking Holders

Garland: Amazon, Canadian Tire Hudsons Bay, Decors Veronneau

Candlestick holders

Large bells on garland

Gold Command Hooks

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