Dining Room Reveal


SO excited‎ to‎ finally‎ reveal‎ this‎ dining‎ space!‎ The room has been a labour of love for quite some time and I am SO thrilled with how it turned out.

We started this room revamp 11 years ago. Let me show you a photo of what we started with:


Since our style is quite different we knew we wanted to change various things.


We‎ still‎ have‎ a‎ few‎ thing‎ we‎ want‎ to‎ change‎ but‎ the‎ one‎ thing‎ that’s‎ not‎ changing‎ is‎ our‎ gorgeous‎ new‎ @article ‎dining‎ table.‎

⁣We’ve‎ had‎ our‎ eye‎ on‎ this table for quite‎ some‎ time‎ and‎ it’s‎ even‎ better‎ quality‎ than‎ I‎ envisioned.‎ The‎ wood‎ tone‎ is‎ perfect‎ and‎ brings‎ the‎ warmth‎ we‎ needed‎ in‎ here!‎ Can’t‎ wait‎ to‎ add‎ some‎ fun‎ pattern‎ and‎ texture‎ in‎ here!‎

⁣I’d love to know…???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????? ‎????????‎ ????????‎ ????????‎ ????????????‎ ????????????‎ ?????????!

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