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Hello blogland… we meet again. It feels
strange to be back here, in this space. For those of you who didn’t follow our
last blog, this isn’t my first go at blogging. My husband and I used to run a
home décor/DIY blog for all of the projects that we did around our home. We
loved writing it and it was a great way for us to:

Document all the crazy projects we were coming up with

Act as a creative outlet (mainly for me)

Keep us distracted from the challenges we were facing in our personal

Those were our sole reasons for posting. However, eventually more people (other than family and close friends) actually started reading our blog
and we made some great connections. We were featured on some well known sites/company pages, made a few business deals
and most importantly, made some great blogging friends. However, in the end, I don’t
think we were ready for all that came with blogging. The pressure to be doing
projects all the time, taking pictures of every aspect of what we did, posting
late into the night, figuring out technical aspects we didn’t understand…it
was just too much.

though, blogland was lonely. Unless
someone chose to comment on your post (which didn’t happen a lot), you didn’t
feel as connected or the same sense of community that social media brings
now. I
think our decision to stop the blog, was for the best at the time. We had just had our first child (after a
long road) and we wanted to focus on that. Fast forward 4 years and here
we are.

Eventually it came to a point where I missed being creative
and sharing our love for design (and some lifestyle posts). Instagram has been
an incredible tool to connect and for the most part, has been fairly positive. At least, I’ve started to
learn how to channel my energy into the positive things. My goals are simple: to inform, to inspire, to relate
and be relatable. I don’t want to paint a picture for you of a perfect life without
sharing the reality of it all. I love it, but being a mom can be hard. Being a
working mom can be hard. Being a woman can be hard. Being a wife can be hard.
But it’s also beautiful. In between all the chaos are beautiful moments that I
want to remember forever and share, but of course there are challenges as well.
We all have them, so why not be honest, share some of these moments and
encourage each other. We are all in this together. So together, let’s make this space enjoyable for us all.


Our family is striving to live
simply, take things back to the basics and focus on what makes us happy. I hope
to share some of that with you- the good, the challenging, all of it. I’ll be sharing home
design projects, DIY projects, and some lifestyle too. I have a different outlook on this process now, so I won’t be doing this the same as before, but I think its going to be even better. So if you feel
so inclined to read my posts and enjoy them, I’m happy you’re here. Thank you
for taking the time out of your day to connect in this space. It’s not easy to
put yourself out there, but sometimes it’s worth the risk.

Stay tuned friends, so much more to come.

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